NASA is an American organisation that focuses on space exploration and research. NASA is responsible for the on-going project to explore Mars. They where responsible for putting the man on the moon and various other projects.

GSK is a pharmaceutical research and development company based in the UK. They are responsible for creating medicines and vaccines.

Cancer Research UK is a charity that aims to help and support those who their family members and themselves have been diagnosed with cancer.

The British Heart Foundation is a charity that help support the research against heart disease. They mainly focus on research into heart disease and try to find new ways of helping those with heart disease.

SpaceX is a American company that is involved in space technology development.  Much like NASA they are currently focusing on mars, Elon Musk the CEO of SpaceX aims to make life inter-planetary, so essentially to colonise on mars.

Breast Cancer uk is another charity that aims to help those who are affected by breast cancer.




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